Welcome to Molloy’s Power Sales Training – On Line University

You are in the right place at the right time.

“The first program I’ve seen that has it all together! We are all in!” – Danny Smith – Same Day Auto Repair – Tire Pros, Tulsa, OK. (5 stores)

Here’s where you will find the Sales Training and Communications Courses designed to give you a real and lasting competitive edge in the world.

During this training you will learn;

  • How to communicate your message clearly!
  • How to use Power Moves to close sales immediately!
  • How to create MORE VALUE in the market place!
  • How to increase sales!
  • How to practice your communication skills every day!
  • How to make Lasting Changes in your business and your personal Life!
  • How to listen to sales calls with a critical ear!

Much more!

I am committed to helping you SELL MORE and develop your full power as a human being, by learning to communicate more effectively.

I invite you to immerse yourself the study of communication because, after all is said and done, your ability to communicate is the foundation of your life, career, community and family.