Listening To Sales Calls – LEVEL 1 – Auto Repair and Tires

If you wanted to become a really good singer, you would schedule time to do a few things. First you would find a vocal coach and work with the coach on a regular basis. Next, you would practice on a regular basis the exercises that your coach gave you to practice. While practicing you would occasionally record your effort so you could listen and fine tune what you were working on. Finally, after learning and practicing you would apply what you learned in real life at a concert or show and the audience would applaud wildly.

Developing your full potential as a professional sales person is no different. If you have selected me as your coach, then you will listen carefully to what I offer you and practice what I direct you to practice, the way I told you to practice it. By the way, I’m a trained vocalist having worked with four vocal coaches of the years. I know how this works (smile). Finally, you will listen to your sales calls on a weekly if not daily basis and make adjustments as you go.

There is no other way to do this folks. There is no other way to develop your sales skills and your communication skills. You must work out!

In this course my team and I will provide you with several things;

  • Distinctions about effective communication
  • Bad / Ineffective calls to listen to
  • Good / Effective calls to listen to

By participating in this course you will begin to refine your listening skills so you can hear what’s missing in bad calls and what’s present in good calls. Also, the practice exercises that I tell you to do will begin to make more sense.

I can remember when I was working with my first vocal coach 25 years ago. She would tell the class things and I had no idea what she was talking about, but a year later while doing some vocal exercises or during a performance, the distinction she was teaching all of a sudden became clear to me.

Learning takes time and patience and a sense of humor.

Learning to become a great communicator is a lifetime endeavor which will yield big dividends if you stick with it.

I encourage you to take the leap!

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